How much does lab work cost without insuranceJournal of gastroenterology and hepatology 24 (2), 278-287. , 2009. 154. 2009. The effects of low-level laser irradiation on differentiation and proliferation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells into neurons and osteoblasts—an in vitro study. M Soleimani, E Abbasnia, M Fathi, H Sahraei, Y Fathi, G Kaka.Oba state championshipOMFS are one of the most respected doctors I know, due to the fact that they do a lot of amazing procedures, like you said. But this also depends on in which way you fill in your degree. If the only thing you are doing is extracting third molars all day, you probably won't get a lot of respect. The same goes for every profession!