Webrtc canvas drawingFeb 25, 2020 · Trade V; USP: Provides swing trading signals for equities, indices, etc. Welcome E-trade platform is the leading buy sell signal software deployed primarily for managing MCX metals, equity, stock futures and indices. You can use the software for checking recent trades and checking buy-sell signals to ensure informed decision making. How to add data to qtableviewBullish swing - 1. sloping up moving average 2. 20 ma above 40ma 3. cci (5) goes to <-100 4. low touch 20 ma and goes below the 20 ma 5. close above 40 ma 6. buy 1 bid above prior day high 7. sell to close 1 bid below prior day low. Swing trading concept - Identify pull back in uptrend and buy on dip;