How to barrage in hftfTheir bows have always been well made and high-performing, but they were getting beat on the 5-yard line, which is the distance most bowhunters test drive new bows. With previous models when they shot a Hoyt bow, they felt the signature Hoyt hand shock. It's not a jarring thump. But it is noticeable compared to other bows that basically have ...Puriclean instant max cleanser purge reviewsIn fact, Earl Hoyt Jr. himself made one of the most popular recurve bows, used by Olympians Doreen Wilbur and John Williams (who both won gold medals) in 1972. That bow was the Pro Medalist recurve bow, and ever since then, Hoyt has continued to turn out Olympic-caliber target bows like the Pro Olympian and the All-Purpose Pro.