Jacquieetmichel tvRufus Beta 2 lets you disable TMP, Secure Boot and RAM requirements for Windows 11. This is the change-log of the update from GitHub. Fix ISO mode support for Red Hat 8.2+ and derivatives Fix BIOS boot support for Arch derivatives Fix removal of some boot entries for Ubuntu derivatives Fix log not being saved on exit1994 sea ray 170 specsBoot the Arch Linux ISO with Secure Boot enabled. 2. The signed shimx64.efi tries to load grubx64.efi, which is the systemd-boot boot loader. As systemd-boot is unsigned, this will fail, so shimx64.efi launches mmx64.efi instead. mmx64.efi gives you the opportunity to enroll the hashes of the boot loader (grubx64.efi) and kernel (vmlinuz.efi).